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MAVA Inc is now active across five platforms!

We have noticed that many artists are not on multiple platforms, however, most are very active on at least one. So we can support as many of our local artists and makers as possible we have to work harder and that means looking for you on as many social media platforms as possible.

On Facebook, we provide a closed Facebook Group. Although it has some basic rules, it allows Victorian Artists to openly discuss and ask questions to a support network of nearly 2000 artists and makers. It is one of, if not, the most active Facebook art networks in Australia.

To be eligible, you must be living in Victoria and be a practising artist or maker at any level. The group ranges from very new artists to those very well established. Many of our members are educators, curators, or members of art societies all over Victoria. There are many opportunities to interact, and it is a very supportive group of creatives. If you are on Facebook and are a Victorian Artist or Maker, we highly recommend this group for networking and art-related questions. Follow this link to apply now. Be sure to answer the questions.

On Facebook, we also have a Page mainly dedicated to members of the public looking to find local artists. We celebrate the Artist of the Week, our weekly blog, promote the art in our shop, promote exhibitions and share articles of interest. This group has over 1000 follows and is connected to the shop on our website, which increases the chance of artists work being seen. Follow this link to find our page.

Our Pinterest account is slowly growing, and we are currently receiving over 4000 views per month. We not only save pins of all our Instagram features, but we also have lots of boards dedicated to our artists and their choice of medium or style. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration or to save ideas for future creative endeavours. We have included inspiration boards as well as Melbourne and Victorian boards. If you are a Victorian Artist and have a Pinterest account, you can collaborate with us on relevant boards and help to boost your following. You can then upload a maximum of two images per day to those boards. To checkout our account follow this link.

Instagram is primarily where we promote as many artists as possible. Six days a week we promote three artists and share many more through our stories. Any Victorian Artist or Maker that uses the #mavacollective has the opportunity to be shared in a story. If you are an Associate Member (paid member) then you have the chance to be featured on a post. When we have exhibitions the artwork is also promoted. If you have followed us and we have not followed you back then it may be because we are unable to determine if you are from Victoria. Let us know or geotag your posts with your location. This not only helps us, it also increases your chance of views. To check out our Instagram account follow this link.

If you are not on Facebook or Instagram, then perhaps you are on LinkedIn. We have discovered many local artists that don’t want to be involved on Instagram or Facebook, however, prefer to be on LinkedIn. For those that aren’t on LinkedIn, think of it as a professional Facebook. It has a business approach, with limited personal drama and advertisements. Each week we are sharing local artists posts and sharing important information from Victorian galleries, museums, and societies etc. To check out our LinkedIn account follow this link.

MAVA Inc is also on Google and each week we upload the Artist of the week, the blog and other important information. By searching MAVA Inc on Google you will find our listing on the right of screen. The views have increased lately and we have lots of reviews from our members.


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Excellent. The LinkedIn link doesn't seem to work 🤷‍♀️

Peta Tranquille
Peta Tranquille
22 oct. 2021
En réponse à

Thank you so much for letting us know. All fixed now.

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