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Collaborations Ease Suffering

May 16, 2020

Melbourne based Cartoonist’s Paul Zahra and James McLean have chosen to make the best out of a tricky situation by teaming up to collaborate.

"Since joining MAVA and attending the Manifest opening the bold colour and contrast of James's piece was enough to gain my vote. It was this vessel that allowed us to connect and discuss each other’s art with the intent to meet at a MAVA gathering.

Fate seemed to have other ideas, scooping me up for work and shipping me off interstate time and time again. During this time even more of a connection formed as we realised we shared a mutual friend. MAVA event, after MAVA event missed due to travel and then COVID.

It seemed it could be some time before this collaboration happened; yet COVID had delivered a new hope. A connection of #lockdowncollabs amongst the Lowbrow/Street/Digital art community, thriving digitally amongst isolation. And so it was done, a style swap collaboration saw James and I recreate a version of each other’s work. Instantly talks have started about future collaborations with no distance as a barrier through the power of digital." - Paul Zahra

Since the announcement of social distancing, the recent COVID restrictions and the loss of jobs, the amount of people with anxiety and depression has spiked. Engaging in creative activities or working with your friends using video meeting platforms and making new connections is essential to our well being and mental health. -Alexandra Janssens

Paul Zahra- Graphic Cartoonist goes by @rukzone on instagram James McLean – Abstract Cartoonist @jamesmcleanart


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1 Comment

James McLean
James McLean
Jan 05, 2021

This was a fantastic experience!!!, Paul and I have very different styles but that what's makes it so enjoyable.

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