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Your Art Can Inspire Community Impact

by Vanda Cummins

Crafting Impactful Change

Hey there! I'm Vanda Cummins, your fellow creative and the heart behind Loki Loves. Picture me with a paintbrush in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, forever lost in the captivating dance between art and nature. You see, I'm not just an artist; I'm that friend who finds solace in the embrace of a brush and joy in the whispers of a rustling leaf. And yes, I do have a collection of dead leaves (which I love, ha). So, get cozy, grab your favourite sketchbook, and embark on a journey that celebrates creativity, connection, and the wild wonders surrounding us.

In a beachside suburb of Melbourne, where creativity pulses through every street, my journey has been one of weaving art and nature into a tapestry of healing and inspiration. Creativity became a portal to a deeper connection to the natural world, a refuge from pain, and a source of mental healing. The act of sketching, painting, and simply observing nature became my meditation, each stroke a brush of healing colour. Not in far-flung adventures, but in local parks, walks and streets is where my inspiration grows. After finding this amazing Facebook artists group MAVA, I discovered my voice and, through a leap of faith, my mission.

Creating art with purpose, a central theme of LokiLovesInktober is all about harnessing the incredible power of creativity to drive change and inspire positive impacts.

Read my story of dealing with creative block and the one surprising thing that dragged me out of it and how it fueled my art. And still is!

Creating art for a purpose, often referred to as artivism, is a powerful way for artists to use their creative talents to inspire change and positively impact society. It's the idea that every stroke of the brush, every word of poetry, or every note of music can carry a message, provoke thought, or raise awareness about important issues.

While the impact of a single piece of art may seem small, every brushstroke, inked line, and imaginative piece carries a message, catalysing awareness and action. It's like dropping a pebble into a pond during LokiLovesInktober; even a small artwork can create ripples that extend far beyond, touching hearts, sparking conversations, inspiring action, contributing to a collective wave of change and making the world a better place, one creation at a time.

2023’s LokiLovesInktober has a profound purpose – to raise awareness for the vulnerable shorebirds and their habitats that grace our coastal realms. This year, I’m delighted to be partnering with environmental charity Remember The Wild, their 2023 Artist in Residence Genevieve Lamb, and the Wing Threads project to shine a light on Australia's amazing migratory shorebirds!

Remember The Wild, Australia’s first nature connection charity, seeks to bring natural world experiences back into our lives to benefit the environment and ourselves.

Remember The Wild is supporting Milly’s mission with WingThreads through its ambassador program by producing a documentary film of her journey.

Shorebirds and their ecosystems teem with biodiversity and offer vital services, from carbon storage to water purification. They act as climate change buffers and provide essential indicators of ecosystem health. Yet, their habitats face increasing threats from human activities. Our awareness can be the lifeline they need. Shorebirds are the world's most endangered group of bird species. Every year, instinct drives millions of shorebirds on an epic flight of 12,000 kilometres from Australia to breeding grounds on the insect-rich, mossy plains of the Arctic Tundra.

As artists, we get to wield our creative magic, casting light on those in need and the beautiful spaces that inspire our art and hearts.

Not just an art challenge!

There’s only one rule - Join in! It’s up to you what medium you choose, your time commitment, and whether you create a prompt each day or create one for the week's theme. It’s all up to you.

The benefits of participating in LokiLovesInktober 2023 are boundless:

  • Nurturing Your Craft: This challenge invites you to stretch your artistic boundaries, experimenting with themes and techniques that may be new to you.

  • Community and Connection: Connect with a community of like-minded artists and nature lovers who share your passion for creativity and the environment. Exchange ideas, learn from each other, and be part of a network that celebrates your journey. Join weekly webinars to learn more and draw along!

  • Inspiration: LokiLovesInktober 2023 draws inspiration from the fragile beauty of shorebirds and their habitats. Your art can capture not just their form but the essence of their existence.

  • A Voice for Change: Your art becomes a voice for conservation. By participating, you contribute to raising awareness about the importance of protecting shorebirds and their habitats.

  • Exclusive Resources: Subscribers gain access to exclusive content, reference photos, and tips that enhance your artistic process.

  • Meaningful Impact: Your art has the power to make a difference. It can ignite conversations, spark action, and contribute to the preservation of our natural world. Share your art daily and help your friends learn about these wonderful species. You might even inspire them to get arty!

Not just a community

What I love most about the LokiLovesInktober community is the genuine sense of belonging and shared passion for art and nature. It's an inclusive space where creativity knows no bounds, and artists from all backgrounds come together to celebrate the beauty of the natural world. The connections I've formed with fellow artists are incredibly enriching, and the support and inspiration we offer one another are truly heartwarming. LokiLovesInktober isn't just an art challenge; it's a community that nurtures creativity, fosters friendships, and kindles a deeper appreciation for our environment.

It's where I find my creative home, and that's what makes it so special to me.

You can learn more here

I’d love for you to join me on this journey of artistic purpose with #LokiLovesInktober for Shorebirds and Wetlands. Together, let's weave our stories into the canvas of change.


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