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New Gallery in Maldon

By Peta Tranquille and Carolyn Vickers

Historical Maldon

Before we begin to tell you about the new gallery in Maldon, I have been doing some research and discovered the following history about the town. Also, the following video is a good start.

In 1965 the National Trust of Australia named Maldon as Australia's First Notable Town. Among other factors it means that the architectural importance of the buildings from gold mining days has historical significance. It is believed that the town hasn't changed much since the 1850's.

The area had its first gold discovery in 1853 and was the first town to use an air driven drilling process (I am unsure what this is but it was obviously ground breaking - pardon the pun).

Maldon also offers a steam train that departs from Maldon and heads to Castlemaine.

Anyway now that you have an idea of the historical element of Maldon I will let you read on about what local, Carolyn Vickers wrote about the new gallery.

MANet Arts Focus Gallery

After holding a series of popup galleries, 2 members of Maldon Artist Network (MANet) decided to investigate the idea of renting a small shop in the heart of historical Maldon to open their own permanent gallery.

After many discussions and considerations, they invited other local artists to join them. Eight artists who have formed a core group are excited to have somewhere permanent to display their work and to collaborate with their fellow artists in running the gallery.

With the wonderful support of the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre, who is the auspicing body for MANet, this idea is now a reality with the gallery opening its door on the 26th March.

The exhibiting artists are: Carol De Graauw, Irena Kaczmarek, Malini Lewis, Jennifer Merkus, Tricia Migdoll, Catherine Tait, Carolyn Vickers and Mark Wardle. Their work includes jewellery, woodwork, drawing, sculpture, prints and paintings.

We would love to invite you to visit:

MANet Arts Focus Gallery at 27 Main St Maldon.

Open Wednesday & Friday 11am-4pm

Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm

And before you go please give the gallery a follow on Instagram to boost their presence with this link.

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