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Corangamite Creatives Arts Collective

Figure 1. Corangamite Shire Map reproduced from the Shire Website.

In our last blog, we featured the Box Hill Art Group. To continue on this theme we found another art group that wanted to share what they do and we want to thank Isha Paasse, the Marketing Coordinator of the Corangamite Creatives.

The Corangamite Shire is found on the south coast of Victoria. See Figure 1.

Corangamite Shire's history is rich in indigenous, maritime and pastoral history and includes the Twelve Apostles. Many reminders of the Shire's heritage are visible today in the form of homesteads, dry stone walls, shipwreck relics and architecture.

We asked Isha to write something about the collective and teh following is what she wrote.

Corangamite Creatives Art Collective

The Collective holds an annual visual art exhibition, telling the story of the Corangamite Shire, through art and words. This years event will be held at The Old Bookaar School from 10am, Saturday, July 15 to the close of the annual event at 4pm on Sunday July 16.

Figure 2. Event Poster. Reproduced from: Corangamite Creatives Facebook Page.

Each year the Collective presents a weekend visual art exhibition telling the story of where they live through their artist's perspective. The event is designed to entertain the community by embracing a sense of local pride, celebrating the Shire and talent of local artists from the Corangamite Creatives. This independent and self-funded Collective is proud to share its passion for where they live. Each artist works independently from home, rather than in a group but are cohesive on chosen themes. Each member freely expresses their individual views and eclectic styles.

Our original artworks, ballad poetry and written word inform the audience on aspects relating to our community and its many rich layers. It’s informative and artistic entertainment for all ages. The Shire has an infinite wealth of interest to reveal, the aim, to illustrate from the micro to the macro, a 'visual encyclopedia’ of our region covering contemporary and historical times.

The ex-primary school of Bookaar, over 100 years old, with two charming classrooms, sets the stage for the annual displays. It is situated on the edge of Lake Bookaar, and its heritage listed Wetlands includes rare and endangered flora. The lake is registered as one of international importance under Ramsar convention with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Figure 3. The Old Bookaar Primary School. Reproduced from the Corangamite Creatives Facebook Page.

Figure 4. Artists from the Collective.

For those that want more information, Ishaa has outlined the benefits of being a part of the Collective.

  • Educational, rural-arts culture and community/tourist event - facts & stories about the region.

  • Economic benefits to all involved, including small businesses. For example, utilising the local hall/school that is underused and, showcasing the old Bookaar school, its Wetlands and Lake.

  • To empower our collective through a platform that exposes their artworks and, by its process improves, inspires and enhances both the art collective skills and sales potential.

  • To highlight the value of regional visual arts through creative exhibitions that support the strengthening of community connectedness, social inclusion, civic pride and community identity, as well as providing opportunities for regional development and economic regeneration.

  • To demonstrate that visual art has many layers, it’s more than paint, ink, pencils and handicrafts, it has the potential to inform, educate, inspire and entertain.

If you live in the area be sure to check out their facebook page and get involved. And if you are looking for a regional exhibition to visit, why not plan a visit to Bookaar this July.

If you have a story to share we would love to hear from you.

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