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Guess Who's Two?

MAVA's second birthday went by without much attention. It happened in the middle of our recent five-day lockdown.

It was mentioned on the Instagram account, and there were many birthday wishes, but we wanted to share a little about the story behind its founding.

MAVA's founder and now president, Peta, moved to Melbourne in 2013, and not long after, she decided that 30+ years in the cartographic industry was enough. It was time to pursue her lifelong dream of being an artist. Although exciting times were ahead, being in a new city, she knew nobody and was unfamiliar with the local art scene, suppliers or galleries.

Peta's solution was to start a Facebook group and see if she could find a few local artists to meet. It worked!

That Facebook group, two years on, now has over 1500 members. This growth sparked the next step of becoming a not-for-profit association and making a difference for the art community in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

As a new association, still finding its feet, MAVA is working hard behind the scenes to do what it can to improve on an already existing art network in Victoria. With fresh idea and support there will be something for all those artists involved.

Feedback, ideas and volunteers are always welcome, so visit the contact us page and let us know your thoughts or what skills you have on offer.

Do you have a MAVA story you would like to share? Contact us with the subject "MAVA blog".


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