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feel good Art Prize

2023 marked the first year of the feel good Art Prize at Quadrant Gallery in Hawthorn. Artists were asked to submit a piece in any medium, no larger than 20x20cm, with the inspiration “to elevate our surroundings and make our community a happier place.”

Image from Quadrant Gallery Instagram account

The prize was judged by Corbett Lyon, leading Australian architect and founding patron of Lyon House museum, London-based integrative psychologist Tamara Mount and Gallery Director Tony Jackson with a $1000 first prize and a Director’s Choice award.

Image from Quadrant Gallery Instagram account

Gallery Manager, Cetta Pilatti, was kind enough to answer a few questions about Quadrant Gallery and the feel good Art Prize.

Can you please tell us a bit about the history of Quadrant Gallery?

Quadrant Gallery evolved from the owners of Quadrant Design Architects being artists surrounded by a lot of artist friends. In 2012 the opportunity arose to set up a gallery space and had seven years of continuous exhibitions with many varied and successful artists. Post-COVID Quadrant Gallery remerged with the opportunity of bridging the gap between artists and the building creative industry. Creating a fusion of Architecture + Art, elevating spaces and lives.
Image from Quadrant Gallery Instagram account

What was the inspiration that led to creating the feel good Art Prize?

The feel good Art Prize was inspired by London-based Integrative Psychologist Tamara Mount. Tamara commenced monthly Feel Good Friday talks in Kingswood, London, and the effect they were having on the town was very visible. The aim of the Feel Good Friday Talks was to create awareness for participants to find balance in their lives, in turn being the best version of themselves, resulting in a healthier and happier community. Tamara brings in a variety of speakers to discuss various topics. I felt there was a need here in Melbourne, after our long lockdowns, to give our community the opportunity to feel good with the feel good Art Prize.
Image from Quadrant Gallery Instagram account

What were your hopes and expectations for the work that was submitted for the prize?

That the process of making made the creator feel good. That receiving the “congratulations, you’re a finalist” email changed the artists' mood and lead to a better day. Viewers experience the contagious "feel good” feelings from the works when viewing them. Artworks that are purchased continue to carry the “feel good” feeling into its new home and artists who have sold “feel good” that their work has connected to a buyer and the sale produces a further “feel good” moment for the artists.
Image from Quadrant Gallery Instagram account

What are the future plans/dreams for the feel good Art Prize?

The feel good Art Prize will be an annual award open to all Australians and Corbett Lyon has agreed to continue to Judge the Prize. Next year we see the Art Prize being a lot bigger and will look at hosting several "feel good" events during the duration of the finalist exhibition.

If you could sum up the inaugural feel good Art Prize in one word, what would it be?


The feel good Art Prize will be back in 2024 with more exciting feel good opportunities.

If you have an artistic group or exhibition you would like to share information about, please get in touch!

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