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A meetup of the Virtual Kind

December 16, 2020, was one of MAVA's first offline meetups since March that year.

During the meetup, Peta was contacted by a fellow member, Travis, who has a studio in the Nicholas Building on Swanton Street. He extended an invitation to visit him in his studio and immediately after our drinks and food, most of us took him up on the offer.

We arrived at his very new and almost empty studio (he had just acquired the space) to find that his computer and VR headset was awaiting our discovery.

Some of us were very keen to have a go and others were reluctant. Eventually, we all donned the headset and found ourselves in a world that Travis had created.

Travis showing members the screen while John is wearing the headset.


Monika immersed in the VR world


A still of the VR world that members were walking through.


If you would like to see more examples of the amazing worlds Travis creates you should check out his Instagram account. You won't be disappointed.


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1 Comment

Jacinta Payne
Jacinta Payne
Jan 12, 2021

Wow that looks fun!

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