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Stop Avoiding It

Okay, so you’re organised, inspired and kitted up with all the tools you need. You have a plan in your head for the creative stamp you are going to put on 2022. Now you know what time it is. It’s time for hard work.

Yes, I can hear that sigh from here. Unfortunately despite public opinion to the contrary, art does not just magically appear from your creative fingertips. There’s hours and hours of work involved to make those concepts in your head into reality.

So stop. Don’t enrol in another workshop, don’t decide you need just one more ‘nature’ walk to be inspired and definitely don’t go to the art store and spend more money. It’s time to go to your work space and start creating.

Funnily enough that can be half the battle. The actual ‘starting’ of an art project is often the toughest step to take. It can be daunting. When faced with that blank canvas, pile of textiles or lump of clay we can suddenly feel inadequate, concerned and, on some days, downright scared.

But you know what? You’ve got this. Take a deep breath and, as Laura Jaworski says, “inhale possibility, exhale creativity.” Try to remember that incredible feeling when you first started to create. The wonder and joy of manipulating your medium into visual works of art. Let that excitement and joy dominate. And get to work.

All great artists have understood that work is the key to success. A key mantra for creatives through the ages has been to work hard and never give up. Even Picasso said that “action is the foundational key to all success”. And he should know having created an estimated 50,000 works during his lifetime.

So stop looking at your phone or reading this blog and go and create. It’s what you were always meant to do. You are your only limit.


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Thank you for this timely message! I was thinking the same thing and so the timing is perfect!

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