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Walk in the Park

Manningham Art Gallery – Walk of Art Exhibition Space

August 19 – September 6, 2019

This was our first exhibition and it was fabulous space.

Walk in the Park was an exhibition of artworks that engage Manningham Council’s Green Wedge initiative and its aim to protect natural and rural values. The exhibiting artists, worked in a wide range of 2D mediums and styles, while considering Manningham’s unique natural environment and its provision of a sanctuary for native animals and plants, as well as its human residents and visitors. Beyond its localised theme, the artworks in the exhibition raised broader issues and considerations concerning the importance of natural and artificial green spaces to the quality of life of local residents and humanity in general.

Opening night included food setup like a picnic with native flora and sounds of the Australian bush.

Our People’s Choice Award Winner was Lynne Tae.


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