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Inspirational Videos

by Peta Tranquille

In this week’s blog, I wanted to share some of the most noteworthy and thought-provoking videos I have stumbled upon over the last few months. You might be interested in all of them or only one or two, but I can guarantee they are all worth watching, even if you don't watch them all now.


The following Ted Talk is a great example of how powerful art can be when done well. and the effect it can have on people of all kinds.


Whether you have or have not heard of a condition called synaesthesia, the Oxford Dictionary defines it as the following;

“the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.”

In simpler terms, it is when one of your senses is activated and affects another one. For example, when you hear the music, you can see colour. You may not know that one well-known artist with the condition was Wassily Kandinsky. The following video talks about his artwork and how his art practice was influenced by music.


The following story is so crazy and out of this world that it had to be included in this collection. It is a story of a man called Neil Harbisson, who can listen to colour with the help of technology. He was born with a monochromatic vision and could only see the world in shades of grey. The following video explains how he overcame this condition to help him learn and understand colour.


The following artist uses plastics and a heat gun to create amazing works of art. Amazing, resourceful, and an ingenious way to utilise excess plastic.

In the following video textile artist Margie Davidson, a quilt artist and surface designer, discusses her love of textiles and how a trip to India gave her inspiration.

The following artist creates the most amazing artwork in layers and went from resin to glass. He discusses the inspiration behind his work and his views on the world.

The following video is about a cinematography that discusses his views on success and how he doesn't necessarily believe in himself.

You really must check out this ceramicist. Lee Yun-hee creates the most stunning porcelain sculptures, inspired by Dante’s "The Divine Comedy,".

The following artist, Yung Jake, uses emojis to paint portraits. I first saw him in an SBS documentary, and this is a short video of what he has done more recently.


If you just want to see some awesome videos, then I hope you enjoy the following;

Follow this link for a creative stop motion video of a milk crate construction.

While I am not really a fan of resin, I have found this jewellery artist that uses it in a way that I think is beautiful and clever.


If you are looking for an instructive video, try checking out these ones.

If you are a new user of ProCreate on iPad or are curious about it, visit this link.

I hope you have enjoyed some or all of these videos, and I look forward to searching for more and sharing them in future blogs.

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