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When My Kids Eat Blueberries

When My Kids Eat Blueberries


The joy of smooshing, peeling, biting, throwing the small humble blueberry. This is what I witness every time my girls eat blueberries. It’s chaotic, playful, full of laughter and at times nerve wracking (for me).


Even though I use multiple mediums, using watercolours felt like the perfect choice for this piece as it allowed me to freely explore these treasured moments in their childhood and the enjoyment they find in this simple fruit.


I would also never admit this to my girls, but I secretly love the chaos.

  • Artists Name

    Avanthi Ravindran

  • Dimensions

    38 cm (H) x 30 cm (W) (Framed)

  • Medium

    Watercolour on 300gsm Paper

  • Exhibition


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