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What I Wish I'd Said

What I Wish I'd Said


Do you ever have those moments where you wanted to say something to someone but didn’t quite get there? What I wish I’d said is a play on exactly that. 
Whether it is in happiness, grief, loss or surprise. There are moments that I have looked back on wishing that I had said more or spoken what was on my mind, but the moment passed, and the chance never came again.
Creating this piece allowed me to understand why we should all find that inner courage and speak up. It isn’t easy to do but I hope I get better with this as I get older.

  • Artists Name

    Avanthi Ravindran

  • Dimensions

    30 cm (H) x 28 cm (W) 

  • Medium

    Mixed media on Hahnemuehle paper

  • Exhibition


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