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Light Touch of Memory

Light Touch of Memory


Within my practice, I am exploring a range of personal emotional responses viewers may develop regarding the Sense of Place. By making paintings I am specifically interested in the creation of immersive environments that anchor perception of time and address the fluctuation of presence through the visual language of the dreamscape. 


With this piece inspired by the lush beauty of the Australian landscape, I captured one of the places I have visited some time ago in the Dandenong Ranges. In the scene, the temporality and mood are conveyed through the play of light and shadows on a tropical forest trail. The juxtaposition of colours - earthy and luminous in the shadows, cold and bright in the canopy - alludes to the hidden treasures for the one who decides to get off the beaten path and go deeper into the bush.  


I believe the atmosphere plays an important part in generating the extent of engagement and ability to unveil one’s personal connections to a Place. I see a direct connection in how one perceives the regular flow of time and how the meaning of time may change, through their engagement with powerful visual allusion, which may be communicated via a dreamscape.

  • Artists Name

    Freya Skarsgärd

  • Dimensions

    46 cm (H) x 61 cm (W) x 4 cm (D)


  • Medium

    Oil on canvas

  • Exhibition

    Shadows at Play

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