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Into the Woods

Into the Woods


For my entire life, I have been passionate about nurturing my relationship with the natural world and have lived with the mantra "if you don't explore you never discover”. That lifestyle has provided many moments of awakening and insight and has taken me to diverse locales to explore and wander capturing the moments of wonderers.


Whenever I go out in the fields, in the forest or on the mountains I feel enchanted as I am surrounded by nature and its beauty.  When witnessing the combination of mountains, trees and water, I am inspired from my soul, from the idea or feeling with which, I associate during my observation of nature.


I create my landscape painting as I understand it intellectually and my art is an expression of my concept of nature and its loveliness. The gigantic trees and shadows in between make the drama in throughout the artwork. I concentrate on the emotional expression as well as the aesthetic ideas that forms in nature might suggest. I want the viewer to enter my landscape and be part of the scene merging themselves into the picture and experiencing, even if for just a moment, its peacefulness and relationship with nature.

  • Artists Name

    Wallabha (Jina) Wijayaweera

  • Dimensions

    60.5 cm (H) x 50.5 cm (W) x 2 cm (D)


  • Medium

    Mixed media - texture, oil and acrylic paint

  • Exhibition

    Shadows at Play 

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