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Combining my hobby of sewing and art I often 'paint' with scraps of fabric, thus upcycling them in the process. Inspired by the start of Spring I've created a vase full of flowers, hand cutting all the tiny pieces, arranging them on a self design cream fabric (mimicking wallpaper) and when I was satisfied I stuck them with just a little bit of glue to anchor them in place and then machine sewed the vase and 'table' and hand sewed the flowers with tiny stitches and the leaves with long stitches to serve as the spine of the leaves. To add a bit of interest and a 3D effect I cut petals of yellow and magenta organza, sealed all the edges around with flame and then put them together with glass beads in the center and created the flowers which I then sewed to the fabric. Once complete I used a piece of thick cotton as a backing and hand sewed all around the edge with invisible stitches to hold it in place so that when it is framed everything stays together. I hope looking at it gives you as much joy as it gave me making it!

  • Artists Name

    Somrita Watford
  • Dimensions

  • Medium

    Fabric Collage
  • Exhibition

    No Strings Attached

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