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Despair of Modernity

Despair of Modernity


With the causality of our current modern life, one must be careful not to spiral down into the depths of despair, plummeting into the dark shadows that populate the city of thought where it burns a mark in your mind with no escape. But will there be a light at the end of the tunnel?


Furnished with ink in hand, I wanted to create this piece which, during our current modern times of lockdowns and Covid, portrays the sense of how easy it is to lose hope about where the world is currently heading and to fall into a sense of shadow, of darkness with no light or hope at the end of it. The sense of the hastening pace of our current modern life heading towards this destination can also be interpreted by the sense of falling down the rabbit hole, only getting faster and faster towards the end. I am motivated to draw thought-provoking architectural pieces that may have a sense of hidden interpretation and meaning where I invite the viewer to have a closer look at the details and come to their own conclusive meaning.

  • Artists Name

    Tim Stokes

  • Dimensions

    30 cm (H) x 30 cm (W)


  • Medium

    Ink on paper

  • Exhibition

    Shadows at Play

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