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Morning Glory

Morning Glory


I love using colour in my paintings. The idea of creating something with one colour was both liberating and scary but I welcomed the challenge of the theme 'Monochrome' using acrylic as my medium of choice. When most of the world is stuck at home unable to travel, the idea of painting a misty landscape far away was born. I thought of paying tribute to the natural world, celebrating some of its treasures, reconnecting with nature, rediscovering the beauty and capturing an ethereal and tranquil moment in time. Looking at this finished piece of my imagination, I is good for the soul. I hope 'Morning Glory' speaks to you in the same quiet way.

  • Artists Name

    Somrita Watford

  • Dimensions

    47.7cm (H) x 91.4cm (W) 

  • Medium


  • Exhibition


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