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Celestial Dreaming

Celestial Dreaming


This Painting is a complex fusion of physical force, and shadows, of energy, which spews from the sky, in an explosion of sheer magnificence. The translucent white rays of energy direction, guides the celestial energy, which is all embracing.

This alludes us to considering the potential reality of heavenly or divine influences, and also to the subtle inference as to the possibility of mysterious 'presence', surrounding this surreal scene.

The shadows ranging from a pale influence, to a darker shading clearly toys with our imagination and ideas, and challenges us to ask questions,as to the concept of supreme power, and celestial presence. The absolute power of shadows, which influence our emotions, and our reality, and our sensory interpretation is beautifully introduced, by the Artist.

This Painting is indeed a commanding presence, and insists that we ask questions, to concepts, that we may not have previously ever considered.

- Shauna Fogarty McGilvray, Poet.

  • Artists Name

    Carol Lindsay

  • Dimensions

    70 cm (H) x 60 cm (W) x 1 cm (D)


  • Medium

    Acrylic on canvas

  • Exhibition

    Shadows at Play

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