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Body Armour

Body Armour


Stemming from a feminist perspective and lack of historical reference to women wearing armour, this work navigates the resistance of the female body as a powerful defensive and protective entity. Body Armour explores one aspect of protection, as a layering process of security in the form of outer body protection.


Natalie's work fluctuates between the figurative and abstract with a focus on translucency, texture and light. Working with latex to challenge its boundaries through innovative processes of application and documentation, inviting a closer look.

  • Artists Name

    Natalie Lawson

  • Dimensions

    10.5cm (H) x 7 cm (W). Comes with light box. Lightbox demensions are 21cm (H) x 13.5cm (W)

  • Medium

    Latex and snake skin (ephemeral)

  • Exhibition


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