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Yvonne Wells



Yvonne's paintings are a revisit to times of old in her life and a change of pace from textiles and sculpture. The luscious subject matter, colour and size of the canvasses in this current series of work are such a welcome change from the monochromatic tiny sculptures she has been immersed in. Flying blind, painting images that excite Yvonne
and is what she loves.


Yvonne has a passion for the stories in old pieces of metal of any shape. She crafts vessels, leaves and small, whimsical characters from what appear to be useless items.
"I am inspired by a random object or utensil. The creative process is always very organic, a journey that is sometimes laced with frustration and at other times, amazingly serendipitous. Often I will pick up a piece of metal or a screw and find it miraculously fits inside the hole on another object and so the process begins."

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