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Sharyn Del Giudice



Growing up as a child and teenager I dreamed of being an artist. Drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, designing, dancing, sewing, just about any way of being creative took me to my special place. However, somewhere along the way, everyday life took over & the path was different.

In 2012 the yearning to express myself through painting came to the fore. The energy and feelings I experience when creating my artwork take me into a euphoric place, my unequivocal euphoria. Now, I see my creativity unfold step by step, layer by layer, image by image, painting by painting and I love it.
I love sharing it and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to share it with you.

As an artist, I enjoy creating by combining photography, with drawing, to arrive at the imagery created in my paintings. The subject matter is nature-inspired, usually Landscapes & Seascapes, but also portraits, often derived from personal experiences and infused with awe. Compositions reflect my Expressionist style whilst creating the sense of a place you’d like to enter while your imagination is intrigued. My passion for painting is defined by exploring various techniques to create light, energy, emotion, movement and texture, using acrylic paints and various mediums applied with brushes, fingers, palette knives and sponges.

Artsillusion, the name I use to encourage you to daydream, imagine and be immersed in my art. Dream of illumination, all your senses awakened, enlightened and free.

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