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Rebekah Cole



Bek C Design

Hey there! I’m Bek, a creative storyteller based in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. I primarily work with digital illustration but am always keen to dive headfirst into all sorts of different mediums and creative techniques, from laser cutting to sculpting, sewing or painting, if it's creative I will give it a shot.

All my pieces are heavily inspired by pop culture, kids cartoons, video games and general nostalgia, and I’m hoping they inspire that same nostalgia in you. I’m a strong believer in never growing up and living life like an unsupervised 5-year-old (my grocery trips often end with a basket full of snacks), and this is reflected in all of my creative work.

Although my main love is illustration, my professional background is in Graphic Design, with my day job being web design in a studio, and my education history being a Bachelor of Design Arts, majoring in Graphic & Digital Design with a minor in Visual Arts.

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