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Rebecca Warr



Bec Warr Art

From the day I sat in my Dad’s full roller tray at 6 months of age, my parents got the sense I was going to be artistically minded. I’ve always felt a strong need to express myself creatively and I don’t really remember a time where I didn’t spend hours on end drawing or making things.

My need to be creative has been an attribute I have incorporated into my formal studies and career choice as a Secondary School Art Teacher. Teaching young people Art has given me the opportunity to experiment with techniques and materials along with them. It has also challenged me to learn and explore processes a little out of my own comfort zone.

I have focused strongly on the therapeutic benefits of art in my teaching and this is something I have carried over when producing my own artworks. I want people to view my artworks and feel the same sense of joy and pleasure that I experience while creating them.

My paintings, in particular, communicate the way I am feeling at the time in the use of colour, pattern, stencil work and movement. This is why I particularly enjoy an abstract approach with paint on large-scale canvasses.

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