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Narelle Steckyj



My artworks are influenced by the Gippsland region of Victoria, where I live. I’m surrounded by bushland and have a creek running through my property. Therefore, bushland and water feature heavily in my artworks as they are a daily inspiration to me.

In my artwork, I love to start with a loose and free foundation built upon to add detail and areas of interest with prominent bold and dark lines. My recent works show a ‘glow’ area that helps highlight the mystery surrounding my local habitat, especially in the evenings when we are all usually secluded in our homes and are left to wonder what is happening in the forests at night.

My passion has always been art, and I always dreamed of becoming an art teacher. Leaving work to raise my children allowed me the time to attain my teaching degree. Now I can happily say I am a Primary School art teacher and an artist.

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