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Mary-Anne Stuart



Mary-Anne Stuart is a contemporary mixed media artist based in Melbourne, Australia.

Driven primarily by a love of colour and pattern, Mary-Anne believes pattern is integral to life; the very fabric of life, whether human, botanical or animal. Her artworks reflect this through the lens of her love of Australian flora and fauna, especially the banksia plant species, her number one subject for several years.

Environmental concerns lead her to re-use everyday items as mark-making tools - from kitchen utensils to paper coffee cups, cardboard and sticks, packaging and plastic waste material as well as plant matter.

“The process of creating an artwork is one of real joy and absorption of attention for me, and I want people who see my works also to realise the joy I feel about the beauty of the natural world. If there is one thing I’m trying to communicate, it’s that.”

“There is a constant overlapping of art, nature, science, music; I see patterns in all of these. Nature seems random and chaotic, but there is a plan; it just takes a while to find it. I like to let the materials find their way, to replicate nature.”

The materials often guide her method; letting them medium show the way, thus emulating the randomness of nature in the act of making art. Her works are created using various mediums: oil, acrylic, gouache and watercolour paints, inks, coloured pencils, wax pastels and collage and can be canvas, wood panel or paper-based. Occasionally fabric and thread are used.

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