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Laila Tabassum



The Wattle

Laila Tabassum is a self-taught artist with a lifelong passion for art, nurtured since childhood. Her intuitive and inquisitive nature led her to explore various artistic mediums. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture, which enriched her sense of aesthetics and influenced her artistic work.
Australia's abundant natural beauty, especially in Melbourne, where she resides, serves as her primary inspiration. Laila is proficient in a wide range of artistic mediums, from alcohol ink and pencil to oil pastels, acrylics, fabric art, and more recently, plaster art, resin, and pyrography. She believes that artistic expression knows no bounds.
Laila is experienced in teaching art to elementary school children, emphasizing the nurturing of their unique potential. As a mixed media artist, she offers diverse techniques that resonate well with young learners. Additionally, she conducts tailored workshops for adults in gallery settings. She also plays an active role as a committee member of the Monash Community Art Society.
• Friday Carol award recipient at Amaroo Neighbourhood Annual Art Show.
• Exhibited and sold artwork at Camberwell Art Show.
• Exhibited and sold artwork at Mount View Art Show.
• Conducted Mixed Media Workshop at The Track Gallery, Mount Waverley.
• Exhibited artwork at FAC Art show in Cube37.
• Collaborated with the Australian Multicultural Foundation on the "Resilience Portraits" project.
• Received the Encouragement Award at Noble Park Community Centre Art Show.
• Exhibited and sold artwork at Linden New Art Postcard Show.
• Conducted a Mixed Media Workshop at The Track Gallery.
• Held a solo exhibition at The Track Gallery.
• Participated in smART 2021 at The Track Gallery.
• Appointed as a Committee Member at The Track Gallery, Mount Waverley.
• Exhibited and sold artwork at smART 2020 at The Track Gallery.
• Winner of the People's Choice Award at AMA Art Prize 2019 sponsored by Latrobe University.

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