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Kate Biggs



Kate Biggs Art

Abstract artist living in South Gippsland, Victoria with my husband and 2 kids.
I love to create bright, bold, vibrant statement artworks.

I began painting in 2013 when my first child was a baby as a way to navigate my way through post natal depression. Painting was like therapy to me and it helped me heal. I also discovered a hidden passion and talent for creating artworks that made myself and others feel good. I pour my heart out onto the canvas when I paint, it is one of my favourite ways to process any heavy emotions that I have going on.

All of my artworks are intuitive pieces; meaning that I rarely start out with any particular plan or idea of how a piece is going to turn out, I just pick the colours that are calling to me and start moving paint around and surrender to the process.
I am a great believer that art heals the soul.

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