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Irene Henning


I am a self-taught artist based in Melbourne who paints abstracts with acrylic paint and mixed media, but I also draw large portraits in a hyper-realistic form, using graphite, charcoal and ink. With my drawing, I enjoy the discipline and detail required for working in black and white. They encompass how meaning comes not only from the starker and non-negotiable shades of black and white but also from many layers of grey, and from how light is creating shadows and soft tones. All of these give depth, nuance and complexity as the layers of meaning are built up. I am always amazed at the way the subject comes out of the paper to greet me as I draw. They emerge to become part of my life where I live and breathe them during their creation.
I am particularly interested in exploring the place of young women in our society and how their strength can be mysterious, beautiful and powerful.
I am a member of the Hawthorn Art Society in Melbourne and have exhibited some of my drawings, including this one at the Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery.

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