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Helen Durant



Inspired by the patterns, colours and textures within the landscape, I create vibrant, semi-abstract paintings that celebrate the natural and man-made features of places I feel connected to, in particular the volcanic landscapes of southwest Victoria.

My compositions are created from direct observation and then translated in an expressive and intuitive way based on my feelings and responses. I use bold colour, shape, expressive line and texture to create a sense of place, and what is, in effect, my own reality.

The natural features of the land combined with the evidence of past and present farming activity are the things that attract me to these places and give them their particular character. Recurring marks and symbols that represent these features can be seen in my work.

Old fence posts, barbed wire, water tanks, farm gates, lane_ways, rows of cypress trees against silhouetted hills, field patterns and crop lines together with the dry stone walls that cross the landscape around Noorat are a feature of many of my paintings.
They are all examples of the tangible man-made things that cross and connect a landscape. Like other old structures, they speak of the history of the area and are a testament to the grit and determination of the people who farmed and lived here and they need to be preserved and appreciated. My paintings are my way of celebrating their beauty and character.

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