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Faiza Yunus



Faiza is a self-taught artist who mainly works with Acrylic. She has been working as an artist for the last three years. She is based in Melbourne, in the Northern suburbs.

Faiza enjoys experimenting with different styles and techniques of painting and lingers between abstract and realism. Her subjects vary from figure painting to landscape. Faiza likes to remain curious and open to different styles which keeps her brave in exploring her capabilities.

She gets inspiration from nature as well as photography. When she isn't painting she likes to go out and take photographs of people and nature. Faiza is always curious to explore new ideas and techniques and build her repertoire of skills in painting. She likes to push her personal boundaries. Faiza hopes to one day exhibit her work and work with other artists within the Australian community. She hopes to explore the Indigenous art within the community which she is sometimes inspired by.

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