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Aukje Van Vark



Pig and Chisel

​I love to make quirky animals with a twist, with a side serve of humor- for people who like something different.

My animals come to life in my studio in the Dandenong ranges, a little down the hill from our house, in the middle of the bush.
​I love spending time in my studio, and discovering what the material will bring me that day. Sometimes that is exactly what I planned, and sometimes it is a total surprise. I love how the process brings me revelations that I can build on later.

​My need to make, leads to and comes from the animal world. Animals give me freedom to show what I see and what is important.
When creating Art, my mission is not to depict life, but to reflect on life, and how I experience it- I feel a need to show people how I see things and how they move me- to achieve this I need to exaggerate what I see to translate the feeling, which is how my animals are bringing joy, despair, wonder, - emotion- into my sculptures.
They portray movement, as posture and flow is essential to convey what I need to say.

My other passion is making birdbaths and bowls. ... Which can be used as dog bowls, planters etc- after all- we are all creative :-) - And teaching. I organise workshops , and can be accommodating with dates to your wishes.

If you would like to learn from me- do a workshop! I love to teach.

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