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Angela Walker



Angela is an artist living in the Wimmera who describes herself as a visual storyteller. Stories that define parts of herself and indeed all of us with our links to the both internal and external environment. Stories that are fun, quirky and thought or conversation provoking. Inspired by many artists including Dorothea Tanning, Salvador Dali and William-Adolph Bouguereau to name a few are evident in the mix of realist and surrealist style.
My passion for art led me to complete formal studies through Curtin University where I obtained a degree in Fine Arts & Visual Culture and training at an Atelier school.
Angela is a tonal realist who adds symbolism and surrealism to tell stories. A love of colours, people and places are strongly represented in her artworks described in an often unexpected way. Informed by local surroundings, love of dancing and the deep belief in how we are linked to the land we live in. The beautiful Australian landscape, the way dance movement can mimic nature and the visual language that expresses these combinations form Angela’s collection.

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