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Andrew Dunn



Box Eds Paper Crafts

Print, Cut, Fold, Stick, Play!

Fun – the construction of a Box Ed is perhaps the most entertaining part. We’ve all got a little bit of the Dr. Frankenstein in us and constructing a Box Ed allows you to play out this fantasy. What could be more satisfying than creating a little person who doesn’t shout or burp or shriek or fart or giggle or make a mess!?!

Affordable – Box Eds have been designed to be cool and funky. Normally coolness and funkability come with big $$$ signs. However Box Eds have also been designed to leave you with plenty of change, and once on display your Box Ed will make you look like the coolest cat in the kitchen or the hottest dog in the diner!

Collectable – I often have vivid dreams of a world made with Box Eds! I have sketchbooks bursting with ideas for other characters, creatures and themes for you good, good people to collect and create more and more Box Eds!

Educational – there is a slightly more serious side to all of this. Box Eds introduce children to how 2D shapes combine to create 3D shapes. The activity allows children to develop their fine motor skills by cutting, folding and sticking. It teaches them patience and accuracy, how to use and combine materials and gives them a real sense of accomplishment once completed. The inclusion of a blank template in each pack allows the creative freedom to design a unique, custom paper toy. Box Eds can also be used as action figures and puppets for role playing and storytelling.

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