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Amelia Saward



Amelia is a Melbourne based emerging curator, artist and writer who loves all things art and history. She takes inspiration from historical art movements such as Art Nouveau and modernism and likes to combine aspects of traditional art styles with contemporary concepts in her work.

She is also passionate about the role of art in exploring themes of feminism and socio-politics. Amelia is fascinated by the storytelling possibilities of art - the way it provides a unique space for understanding and exploring ourselves and the wider world. Art has endless possibilities for introspection, as well as filling a role as a teacher, guiding us to reflect on and examine almost any topic.

Her work depicts a broad subject range, but images are often inspired by nature, women’s bodies and lived experiences and the relationship of our inner self to the surrounding world. She primarily creates works on paper using a mix of drawing, painting and mixed media/collage techniques.

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