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White house, Port Fairy

White house, Port Fairy


The white house hasn't been a shop for many years, but I'm delighted the owners have kept the wide verandah and shop front because it adds so much character to the building and to the street on which it sits. It's perfectly framed by its adjoining cottage, setback a little, and the low picket fence. I enjoyed exploring the different whites, and the tones and shades that grew from these, although I felt like I was going snow blind at times! But after so much white on white, it was a delight to paint the two trees in the background: a Norfolk pine and, closer to, a weeping willow. And I was even more glad to have captured the willow when, a few weeks after finishing the painting, the tree was removed.


Framed in raw oak.

  • Artists Name

    Paul Burman

  • Dimensions

    48.1cm (H) x 37.2cm (W) x 2cm (D) Framed


  • Medium

    Acrylic on MDF board

  • Exhibition

    Shadows at Play

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