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Tree in morning sun, Botanical Gardens, Geelong

Tree in morning sun, Botanical Gardens, Geelong


Okay, I freely admit I'm a tree-hugger. I love them. So much so that in my first novel, 'Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore', I turned my main character into a tree - Leafy George - for a short while! And while I'm predominantly painting the interplay of shadows across buildings at the moment, there's more often than not a tree somewhere in the background to remind the viewer about the enduring power of nature. 


When I saw the many ways the sunlight was dancing through this particular tree in Geelong Botanical Gardens, to create highlights, contrasts, and wonderful shadows, I was very keen to capture my impression of it. This is the result.

Framed in raw oak.

  • Artists Name

    Paul Burman

  • Dimensions

    48.1cm (H) x 24.7cm (W) x 1.7cm (D) Framed


  • Medium

    Acrylic on MDF board

  • Exhibition

    Shadows at Play

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