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Synesthesia #3

Synesthesia #3


‘Synesthesia #3’ was originally inspired by the senses and created with the intention to have no intentions. Similar to nature itself, it is free-flowing, spontaneous and refuses to adhere to structure, growing as tall or as wide as it wishes. As the piece developed, we discovered we had inadvertantly embraced snippets of our lives and intertwined them into this vibrant mix of colour and light. We touched on some of the quintessential staples of growing up in Australia, gum nuts lodged deep in your shoes, the crunch of dried leaves and seeds on your walk to school and the colours of a warm Australian sunset to signal the end of a long, dry summers day.

  • Artists Name

    Claudia Lavery and Joe South

  • Dimensions

    100 cm (H) x 120 cm (W) 

  • Medium

    Acrylic On Canvas

  • Exhibition


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