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Kitchenalia 1020 (Nan's crystal bowl)

Kitchenalia 1020 (Nan's crystal bowl)


Translating vintage op shop treasures through my work constructs my imagined family history. As a migrant child, these are the everyday “Kitchenalia” I dream belonged in my Grandmothers’ and Great Aunts’ kitchens.


Memory, love, loss. Each object feels like a homage to my unknown elders. Whilst making this series I discovered that my mother actually has some glass pieces that were her mother's, grandmother's and aunt's. It wasn’t imagined after all. More recently, friends have been sharing their special pieces and associated memories of their loved ones, which I now incorporate into the titles.

  • Artists Name

    Sharron Okines

  • Dimensions

    28cm (H) x 38cm (W)


  • Medium

    Linocut print

  • Exhibition


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