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My artwork focuses on the divine connection between art & land’s spirituality. I explore how, a spiritual or inspirational experience can be translated through my painting. While my work explores hope, light & perfection, it also exposes and convicts one’s innermost thoughts & feelings through visible colour and form.


Intangible is an attempt to visualise the sophisticated landscape view in Australia during summer 2019. 


It shows how bushfires affected this beautiful landscape and the symbolic earth spirit; Mother Gaia is shadowing her beautiful spirit when it’s suffering with pains during this traumatic situation.

The artwork describes the dark shadows between the burnt trees, even though Mother Gaia is in pain and burning inside. She still rescuing Kookaburra’s life, revels her spiritual connection to the land.


For this painting, I incorporate natural materials as charcoal powder, oil and acrylic to make the illusion in greyscale.

  • Artists Name

    Wallabha (Jina) Wijayaweera

  • Dimensions

    61 cm (H) x 76 cm (W) x 1.5 cm (D)


  • Medium

    Mixed media - Charcoal powder, oil and acrylic paint

  • Exhibition

    Shadows at Play

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