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I love nature and this is reflected in my paintings of flora and fauna. The inspiration for this painting came from a photo by my cousin Krishnan Kalpat, an avid wildlife photographer. Here a male baya weaver bird is feeding it’s chick. These birds are found across South and Southeast Asia. While breeding, the male’s yellow crown and breast becomes more prominent. The male builds the nest and invites a potential female to inspect the house. The female chooses the male if she likes the house! Once mated and the chicks are hatched, the male takes turns with the female to feed their chicks.

I used Camlin Artist watercolours on Arches cold pressed 300 gsm paper (50.8 cm x 40.6 cm). I started with a very light wash of cobalt blue and violet for the background before doing detail work on the birds and the maize plant.

  • Artists Name

    Ramnath Iyer

  • Dimensions

    66.1 cm (H) x 55.7 cm (W) 

  • Medium

    Watercolour on Arches cold pressed paper

  • Exhibition


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