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Bubble is yet another lock down piece of artwork. Trapped in a bubble when bubbles use to be fun. After a year of hard work and dreams gone missing this lockdown, I have allowed myself to heal. Pop! The Echinacea to me is about health and healing, to feel better. Repetition, the soothing and the resting. I work digitally as it is quick to set up, but I use the same technique as if I was painting. I paint with my fingers without the mess using the stylus. I cut, edit and make art to heal. Digital art helps with my OCD and no cleaning is needed. The little girl is my daughter, myself, any woman waiting for the pop. The pop of the bubble is the spark that will, please, come back to living. Pop Please.

  • Artists Name

    Aimee Timpson

  • Dimensions

    21cm (H) x 21cm(W)


  • Medium

    Digital Mixed Media

  • Exhibition


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