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Boabs in winter

Boabs in winter


This work is inspired by the iconic bottle-shaped trunk of the boab tree found mostly in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The boab is a deciduous tree that loses its leaves and goes into dormancy during the winter months. This iconic tree can live for hundreds of years. I regard the unique and exquisite nature of the Australian boab as a metaphor for endurance and life.


Can be hung as a standalone work or combined with other works from the red earth series as a diptych, triptych, quadriptych, or polyptych.

  • Artists Name

        Megan-Jane Johnstone

  • Dimensions

    A5 - 21cm (H) x 14.8cm (W)

  • Medium

    Mixed media: Golden open acrylic gel monoprint + Posca pen

  • Exhibition


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