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9 of Cups

9 of Cups


This is a graphite drawing on 240gsm paper that has been glued to recycled 3mm ply and self framed. I designed the frames and have them cut out at my father's factory. This piece is the 9 of cups in an Aussie themed Tarot deck I'm currently working on. It features Peter Brock and 3 of his Bathurst winning Holdens. It was only fitting I used Brocky as my 9 of cups as he was 9 time king of the mountain and received 9 cups. From all accounts of what I've heard about him he also fits the bill for what I have researched on the meaning of the 9 of cups in the tarot. It's about victory, comfort, happiness, popularity, celebration. But it can also be about getting too cocky, the good times won't last forever. Getting too big for boots and having to have the final word and not working as team. As good as Brocky was there's always going to be someone younger upcoming and you will always get older and it's only a matter of time before they catch up. I've heard that this attitude is what caused the issues with the Holden Dealer team. There will be more information and detail on it when I have finished the deck and have released it.

  • Artists Name

    Tyrone Buckwell

  • Dimensions

    42cm (H) x 29.7cm (W) with 8cm each side extra for frame.

  • Medium


  • Exhibition


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