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22.    Nives Forte

Une Poire Française

Acrylic on Canvas



I loved painting the simplicity of the Pear...in bold colours that acrylic paint allows.

23.    Kalina de Bruin

Dawn Azul

Acrylic on Canvas



One of a series of works inspired by Victoria's Prom coast capturing the soft glow of dawn by a sandy shore. The rich colours and textures reflect the rich and diverse landscape of the region.

24.     Lida S. Chatkiewicz

Nude In Blue

Canvas Print


Original oil painting on canvas. (25 registered copies)
Original size: 90 cm x 100 cm.
(signed on the back)


25.     Peta Tranquille

Ikon Park

Acrylic on Canvas


Mapping Melbourne is a project I have been working on for a few years and the shapes at the Ikon Park entrance were irresistible. While in the location I wanted to take in all the atmosphere and history of the Carlton Blues AFL club. The dark blue was painstakingly mixed to match Oxford Blue. It originates from the second boat race between Cambridge and Oxford in 1836.  Light blue was the colour for Cambridge and the dark blue of the Christ Church College boat club was selected for Oxford as it was part of the University.  With the colour playing a big part in the club's history I chose to use a very minimal colour palette.

26.     Genevieve Villaflor


Mixed Media on Canvas


This artwork draws from a specific period in my life where I finally understood what it meant to put myself first. It explores the concept of 'self-respect' and living life on my own terms. 
The expressive colours, intuitive lines and abstracted shapes come together in harmony to signify a new start. The work was created with a range of mixed media, from acrylics, alcohol inks, pastels and posca markers, relying purely on intuition and emotion to drive the work.

27.     MC Lopez

Autumn Leaves

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas



Thinking about the beautiful colours of autumn, this artwork has been done with a variety of textures adding vibrancy and life.

28.     Audrey Buttigieg Cardona


Acrylic on Canvas



Sunsets are one of nature's most beautiful creations giving us to us and some of the best colour palettes around. I always am in awe of sunsets and so it is only natural that I paint them. This artwork was also done by just using my fingers which is quite liberating.

29.    Carlos Alberto Mari

Muddy Creek

Canvas Print



Canvas print  (1 of 25)
Original in oil painting
Size of the original: 160 cm x 60 cm


30.    Claire Monique Taylor

Jungle Boogie

Mixed Media on Canvas



‘Jungle Boogie’ is one of four paintings in the Jungle series Claire created during lockdown. Each piece is a study in mark-making layered in a variety of media to convey the abundant ecosystem found in a jungle environment. The snake represents creativity, rebirth and the musical runs of the brass section featured in Kool and the Gang’s song ‘Jungle Boogie’, which Claire found herself singing during the creation of this work.


31.     Sarah Anthony

River Swim

Oil on Wooden Board



It was a perfect warm day at the river. I was fascinated by the extraordinary variety of colour in the water; translucent golden shallows and the shadowy blue tones and reflections of the overhanging trees. A challenge and a real pleasure to paint.

32.     Alejandro Mari Chatkiewcz


Oil and Acrylic on Canvas



"This self-portrait speaks about my journey towards respecting and accepting myself as an artist. 
My image here is glitched photo, this means that the colours which are combined to make it, are out of alignment, creating this multicolour effect, adding more dimensions to what would otherwise be a black and white photo.
For far too long I waited for "the right moment", and for everything to be "aligned" to pursue my artistic aspirations, and give myself permission to call myself an artist, 
but not anymore, as I refuse to be another day without creating art,
"aligned or not", I am an artist."

33.     Kiran Deep Mehta

I picked these for you

Acrylic on Canvas



Have you ever picked wildflowers and gifted them to someone you love? I didn't know how special that small gesture can be until my little one gifted me some. This artwork was inspired by that bunch and has been created with loads of love.

34.     Adriana Artmeier

Into the unknown

Acrylic on Canvas Board



This painting displays a Diver on a shipwreck in vintage Scuba diving gear. Scuba diving is like walking on Mars. Humankind is not supposed to be that far down the ocean. So you never know what you find or what might find you during scuba diving. As soon as you jump in the water you sorta jump into the unknown. It is dangerous for sure but also a magical experience that I would personally recommend to anyone.

35.     Kelly Driver

Thoughtful Moments

Acrylic on Board



This style of art is known as a Dutch Pour or an Acrylic Pour, where I blow the paint out creating colour mixing, lacing, and cells. It has 3 coats of high gloss varnish to protect the artwork and give it the marvellous shine


36.     Aprill Allen


Oil on Canvas



Our pets are our calming influences. I wanted to capture the mindfulness cats seem to effortlessly attain—the focus on the moment and whatever it is that they see when everything is quiet around them. As humans, we read a lot of self-help books and pay gurus lots of money to learn meditation. When I watch Kami watching something else, I feel myself let go of my shoulders and deepen my breath. Could meditation be that simple? 
Kami (short for Kamikaze—he jumped off a balcony as a kitten) is a regal ginger cat, with a green background to compliment.

37.     Ka Po Ng

Imaginary Camping

Acrylic and Oil Pastel



Imaginary camping was inspired by the scenery along the way to Briagolong, Victoria. It was created after I went camping at the Blue Pools, where I was swimming and watching people jumping off the cliff over and over again. 
This painting reminds me of the moment I felt wild and free.


38.     Suzanne Manning

Dots in Time

Oil on Linen



Inspired by doodles on a notepad.


39.     Marija Morozova

Flowers & Vases No.20

Acrylic on Canvas



Looking past the obvious, taking ordinary and turning it into unexpected. This painting is a part of an ongoing series called “Flowers and Vases” inspired by Australian plants


40.     Art by Priyanka

Under the sea

Inks on Synthetic paper



Standing on the shore of North Queensland beach, 'Under the sea' captured the calmness of the ocean when you look far into the water and overlapping waves at your feet.

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