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BLOOM - MAVA Exhibition

Gallery Listing



Corrine Young

Country Sunflowers

Oil on canvas panel



This is an oil painting on two custom-made canvas panels, making a diptych. It is mounted on a pine frame. 


My paintings are inspired by the beauty of nature. “Country Sunflowers” tries to capture the utter peace and stillness experienced when spending time in the country – sitting in the middle of nature. What can you see? What can you smell? What can you hear? You soak in the glorious sun that shrouds you in warmth and love … and you feel your soul being nurtured by mother nature … and find peace.  It’s like the sunflowers free your spirit to dance with them in the gentle breeze.

I hope you get a sense of peace and joy deep in your soul when you look at this painting.



Kelly Ingram 

Promise of a New Day

Mixed media



A warm and happy depiction of stain-glass like flowers with a flow of foliage around them, to embrace the idea of hope and freedom.



Fiona Wood

Dancing Ballerinas

Acrylic on Canvas framed in Tasmanian Oak



Pink gum flowers are my favourite flowers. They always remind me of ballerinas dancing amongst the leaves.



Nina Killham

Born to the Purple




I ripped out the grass from my garden and planted drought-resistant plants. They have grown tall, strong and majestic.



Joanne Mahon 

Sunshine Corner

Acrylic on canvas



Poppies in full bloom under the sunny spotlight, the transience displayed by fallen petals gathering at the base. Contrasting the stark light is the deep shadows.



Nina Killham

I Glow Within




I love to explore the inner life of nature. These cone bushes grow right by my front gate and I love to watch them intently following the sun from morning to evening.



Bev Hardidge 

Rhododendrons in the Rain

Mixed Media on stretched canvas



We have lots of Rhodies in our garden and I love how the rain drops dance on the leaves and settle on the petals of the flowers.



Joe South

Flower Glass

Acrylic On Wood Panel



A retro take on a bright flower standing proudly in an hour glass. This was created in the depths of Melbourne's longest lockdown at a time where 'bright and vibrant' were the last words on anyone's mind.


The hourglass conveys the prolonged periods of loneliness and isolation that almost squeezed the life out of us and the flower acts as our light triumphantly emerging out the other side.



Carli Piltz

…and relax.

Acrylic on canvas



A tranquil piece created after a couple of weeks of family drama.



Joanne Mahon

Morning Glow

Acrylic on Canvas



Buds to bloom in the morning light being directed by the wiry random stems.



Carli Piltz 

Colour Me Happy

Acrylic on canvas



A bright, mid-winter pick me up.


Buds to bloom in the morning light being directed by the wiry random stems.



Lisa Fam


Acrylic on canvas



Blossoms was painted during Melbourne's lockdown 2020 as part of a weekly online painting challenge. At a time of restricted outdoor activity, the act of painting provided an outlet for movement and expression and the subject a symbol of hope for brighter days ahead.



Sally Bowen

Moonlit Garden 2

Watercolour on Arches Paper



The glistening moonlight creeps across the garden. 

I tiptoe gently through.



Sally Bowen 

Moonlit Garden 1




The glistening moonlight creeps across the garden. 

I tiptoe gently through.



Kelly Kondis

Inclement Lavender

Oil on stretched canvas



Tempestuous skies hovering over the Yarra valley lavender fields.



Fern Siebler

Night Flower

Mixed media on canvas



Even when darkness falls, the flowers still glow from within and shine brightly in the moonlight. Delicate petals covered in dewdrops, twinkling with the stars.



Penelope Cato


Limited edition giclee print on 100% cotton rag.



A giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) print is a high-resolution digital artwork reproduced on a large-format printer using long-lasting pigment-based inks on archival quality paper. (545mm x Height 898mm)


"This contemporary giclee print was inspired when Penelope was taking neighbourhood walks during Covid lockdown. Beguiled by the beauty of magnolia blooms bathed in afternoon sun, she took advantage of the opportunity to capture flowers in varying stages of anthesis.

Applying digital manipulation, the delicate floral form has been abstracted through polarisation and the play of reflected light, reimagined as an enigmatic visual fantasy; a reminder that all living things are in a constant state of flux. The 'Eclipse' print is strictly limited to an edition of eight.



Emma Lovett

Waratah Posy

Watercolour and Pen on Paper



The varied shapes of Australian flora hold a lot of interest for me. Detailed fine pen work helps to focus attention on the intricacy of this bloom. Foliage is used to provide movement contrasting with the somewhat static nature of the blooms. I have chosen gentle tones to allow the forms to take centre stage.



Winnie Dougall

She Will be Loved

Acrylic on canvas



This painting is of a dreamy and gentle rose with beautiful and delicate petals. (It comes with a varnished wood frame that can be added if required after the exhibition).



Margarita Cuartas

Spring Leaves

Acrylic on canvas



One of my favourite colour combinations, achieving mixtures of colours, with heavy texture acrylic paint, nature and specially blooms were my inspiration for this painting.



Tristan Liao

Sunflower - Flowering Sun




This work combines elements of abstraction and surrealism framed within the form of a sunflower. The patterns used attempt to create a connection between the Sunflower and its celestial namesake.



Kim Wood

Bella Donna

Watercolour framed in Tasmanian Oak



Sculptural and elegant and sometimes known as naked ladies or March Lilies, Bella Donna Lilies although poisonous, add drama to any garden.



Alanah Jarvis

The Lovely Lotus

Oil on canvas, framed in timber



The lotus flower symbolises strength, resilience, and rebirth. It rises every morning from mud and blooms gloriously without any marks, then returns to the mud each evening. I hope this painting brings a reminder that there is always a place for you to start again and to bloom beautifully like a lotus flower with each new day.



Claudia Lavery & Joe South

Synesthesia #3

Acrylic On Canvas



‘Synesthesia #3’ was originally inspired by the senses and created with the intention to have no intentions. Similar to nature itself, it is free-flowing, spontaneous and refuses to adhere to structure, growing as tall or as wide as it wishes. As the piece developed, we discovered we had inadvertently embraced snippets of our lives and intertwined them into this vibrant mix of colour and light. We touched on some of the quintessential staples of growing up in Australia, gum nuts lodged deep in your shoes, the crunch of dried leaves and seeds on your walk to school and the colours of a warm Australian sunset to signal the end of a long, dry summers day.



Vanda Cummins 

Ephemeral Dream

Watercolour/Archival Ink on Arches Paper 



Standing tall and proud their blooms erupted, dancing petals in the summer breeze. Bewitched by the ephemeral their ephemeral beauty, as sunlight sparkled across them, I returned daily. 


The Bearded iris colour deepened as the flowers wilted, a new vibrancy before fading from existence but not from memory. Forever fleeting through my dreams.


Vanda Cummins explores her connection to nature through her work. She sees the beauty in flora’s imperfections, in life, and death. Her studio filled with dry gum leaves and flowers.



Gopinath Iyer

Fabulous Frangipani




Frangipani also known as Plumeria in horticultural circles with a fabulous fragrance especially at nights. I was inspired to paint this mainly for the lovely white petals with a tint of pink and yellow.



Dilrukshi Mendis


Watercolour and intense pencils on paper



I was taken by the beauty of this flower almost glowing in a shallow pot with its greenish mossy hues. It seemed appropriate to attempt to capture it in watercolours and watercolour pencils.



Evie Suss


Mixed Media - Ink Pastel and Pencil



I love the graceful sway of the Japanese Iris. I wanted to capture the lightness 

and at the same time the energising vibrancy of this beautiful flower, standing tall with nobility.



Tammie Szadurski

Winter Blooming Camellia

Acrylic painting on cardboard



Winter-flowering camellias are a standout beauty with pretty blooms when all around is bare. If you're one day faced with the bloom of a gorgeous camellia, it will be sure to bring a smile to your face.



Olga Savenkov





Do you know sweet pea is a creative way to say goodbye? These blooms simply say, “Thank you for a lovely time.” This makes them an excellent choice to give to a loved one departing.



Dilrukshi Mendis


Oil on canvas board



A single perfect flower. I love the play of light on the white petals. A study in oils on canvas board.



Peta Tranquille 

Fitzroy Street

Acrylic on Canvas



Located at Fitzroy Street and Grey Street in St Kilda. This is one of a collection of three.  Each piece is a road intersection in St Kilda. The colours are based on the local council logo and the flora found in that location.



Cecilia Lugo 

Autumn Bloom

Acrylic on canvas



Synonymous with autumn and Mother's Day, a large Chrysanthemum in the yellow-orange shade was captured in this art piece.



Cecilia Lugo

Garden Feast

Acrylic on canvas



Imagine a garden in full bloom during springtime. This piece of art depicts the joy and serenity it brings with the different types of blooms and shades.



Cathy Yarwood – Mahy

Peony Rose

Oil on canvas



I love peonies; they are so delicate and feminine. They are rewarding to paint with the subtleties of shading and many layers of petals. This particular peony has lovely pink and magenta tones contrasted by a dark background in black and mauve. The light shining on the flower accentuates its form using the traditional artistic technique of chiaroscuro.



Gopinath Iyer

Spring Flowers




Blooming in early spring the crab apple flowers provide a beautiful sight on a sunny spring morning - I was inspired to paint these lovely flowers to give a feeling of spring.



Filomena Roberts

Billy Buttons

Acrylic on paper



I rarely draw flowers, and this is probably why! - abstracted yellow billy buttons in a green vase.



Filomena Roberts


Acrylic on paper



I rarely draw flowers, and this is probably why! - abstracted red bottlebrush stems in a red vase.



Paris Pinky (Jirvand)


Acrylic/Mixed media on canvas



“Life is the flower for which love is the honey” Victor Hugo

I’d love to convey the feeling of being alive with bright colours.




Bev Hardidge

Dancing Flowers

Acrylic on stretched canvas



The flowers in my garden always inspire me.  When there are different types of blooms together and the wind blows gently, they look as if they are dancing.



Kalina de Bruin

Softly Falling

Acrylic on Canvas



Within the beauty of the cut flower lies a quiet morbidity. Slowly dying from the moment, they are cut from the plant - a place where their existence was only ever going to be seasonal. This painting explores the beauty in sadness, loss, and everyone's eventual demise, alongside the coexistence of the continual opportunity for joy.



Ute Ronacher

Forget Me "Not"

Mixed Media: hand drawn illustration, watercolour wash, colour pencil, marker, Digital Archival Print (1/1) – 260gsm Velvet Fine Art Paper.



I’m always in awe of nature especially the beauty of flowers, their intricate details and colourful displays. 

For my current work - Forget me “Not” I wanted to create a colourful illustrative image that is uplifting and happy and by exploring a looser approach to my drawing of flowers in a more impressionist and illustrative way.



Lynne Kells

Red Velvet

Acrylic on canvas



Red Roses can incite many emotions. They can be brash, threatening, demanding of notice, presumption, full of romance and love, desire, congratulations, growth, anticipation......... What are they for you? I love a deep red rose with a scent.



Rachel Grove

Gather ye Rosebuds

Oil on wood panel



This piece is all about appreciating and finding tiny moments of wonder in the every day. There is something so magical about the way the dew lays on a flower petal and catches the light just so. We only have limited time, so we must all gather our rosebuds while we may.



Lynne Kells


Alcohol ink on Yupo paper on canvas



Impressionist view of a fantasy garden full of fragrance, colour, and form. Using both transparent and opaque yupo paper, 3D flowers and leaves invite you to explore more of what this garden holds for you. The transparency of the yupo and ink lend themselves to an impression of watercolour or ink media.



Elizabeth Currie 

Silver Princess

Original Digital Artwork



‘Silver Princess’ - she dances in the breeze like a sugar plum fairy, the embodiment of joy and compassion.



Elizabeth Currie


Original Digital Painting



‘Sunflower” - head tilted, basking in the sun, the sunflower brings joy, to everyone.



Kim Wood

Queen Anne Lace




Growing along the side of the road like weeds, ignored and forgotten. But beautiful and dainty.



Rachel Grove

My Lady Lily

Oil on wood panel



This piece explores the fading of youth as well as the importance of finding beauty within and especially, in times of darkness.



Graeme Hardidge

Daisy Bees

Metal & Painted



Bees love daisies and are especially attracted to white daisies. We have quite a few in our garden for our bees. Made from recycled metal and painted.



Deborah Bowen


Kiln Formed Glass



Flowers evolved from memories of the almost Nordic flowers on the crockery of my youth.  Bright, simple, and they made you happy.  This piece will look lovely on a wall or even better, hanging in a window.



Marion Rispin

Softly, softly

Acrylic on canvas



This semi abstract painting represents the last of the Winter flowers. The colours are earthy and neutral allowing the pale whites and greys to convey the soft, gentle bloom. The paint has been applied in broad strokes by brush and scraper.



Carol Zsolt

Calla Lily

Acrylic on canvas



The beautiful Calla Lilies on a bright yellow background. The flowers and leaves painted with individual squares, and then each square outlined in black Lot of squares applied, one on top of the other.



Elissa Parsons


Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas



'Bloom' was created by allowing the painting to reveal itself through a playful exploration of green and pinks and the influence of my plant filled home. The process of painting was intuitive and filled with joy and hopeful energy.


Anne-Maree Wise


Acrylic paint on stretched canvas



A vivid still life painting depicting the unique structure and beauty of native flowers in full bloom.


56.       Lisa Jones


Ink on handmade paper



I love sunflowers. They continually reach for the sun and remind us that we should too.



S.A Vandort

Flower of the Sun

Watercolour and Ink in a Vintage Book



Flower of the Sun is piece I did early this year. It was a tribute to a friend that brighten my days during some really dark ones. On top of this I Iove growing my own sunflowers, and this based on a sunflower I grew last summer. Artwork is not for Sale.



Lisa Jones

Mānuka Memory

Recycled teabag collage on canvas



I love the shape of mānuka or tea-tree flowers, with their stunning white or pink petals.  They were the perfect flowers to make from (coincidentally) recycled tea bags!



Zsofia Samu


Coloured copper wire



"BLOOM" - is a celebration of my folk art heritage. Embroidering traditional, vibrant and ornate floral patterns was one of the first craft skills I learnt growing up in Hungary. This piece is my 3D interpretation of those ornaments and patterns. I used coloured copper wire to create an expandable structure that I could shape into a flower like form. The technique I used is basic macramé knotting.  



Graeme & Bev Hardidge

Callistemons in a Vase

Metal & Ceramic & acrylic paint



This is a collaboration between Graeme & Bev Hardidge.  Graeme made the metal parts and Bev made the flowers and seed pods with clay. Bev painted the piece with acrylic paint and varnished.



Denise Keele-bedford

The King's Rubies Lotus/Gumleaves (pair)

Silk fabric, Paint, Pearls



The King’s Rubies, titled after a Heritage Rose, is based on a dialogue between Western and Eastern Cultures, specifically between Chinese and my Celtic/Australian culture. 

Lotus (荷花)- Gumleaves are two from the series of sixteen pieces.

A bracket for wall hanging the pillows can be supplied with purchase.



Denise Keele-bedford

Huanghua (Yellow Flower)

Bronze Acrylic stand



Huanghua is a bronze casting of a family heirloom doily. Huanghua has been the symbol for my Yellow Flower Studio for more than 15 years.



Cassandra Baker

Cosmic Bloom - Handcrafted Paper Earrings

Handmade paper pendants, silver coated rings and clasp. 



This pair of earrings is a play on a floral design, incorporating my own twist.

Taking the flowers on a cosmic adventure, discovering new planets along the way.

Pendants are handcrafted from my own handmade paper. Decorated with a gouache, handmade recycled printer ink, and coloured fine liner pens. Coated in acrylic sealant to protect from the elements. Sterling silver shepherd hooks, silver coated rings.



Cassandra Baker 

Cosmic Bloom - Handcrafted Paper Necklace

Handmade paper pendant, natural twine cord, silver coated findings.



This necklace is a play on a floral design, incorporating my own twist.

Taking the flowers on a cosmic adventure, discovering new planets along the way.

Pendant is handcrafted from my own handmade paper. Decorated with a mix of hand mulled ochre and recycled printer ink, and gouache. Coated in acrylic sealant to protect from the elements. Hung on natural jewellery twine, with silver coated findings. 55cm cord.



Peta Tranquille

The Perennial Border

Acrylic and ink on Arches Paper



The Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne has a garden named The Perennial Border and it includes flowers such as Tick flower, Autumn joy and Cherry Pie. This is an aerial view of that part of the Gardens and the flowers, and colours, of those plants within the garden. An aerial view of the footpaths surrounding the ‘Perennial Border’ garden at the Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne. 



 Jan Maceda

The Opera Sings




As an architecture student, I want to show the audiences that the building that you see around are not depicted by its conventional physical self but rather an ideation of an artistic brain. This led to a question of what if the Opera house was an idea made of a blooming flower - rising from the ground, blending with the colourful skyline and the blue reflective waters of this world. Finally, this brings your attention back to the artistic side of an architect’s brain. The beauty of its structure perishes in life, but is immortal in art.



Deborah Bowen


Painted Kiln Formed Glass



The Banksia always brings back memories of holidays at the beach with time to relax and read, lazing beneath the towering coastal banksias.  This panel will look beautiful hanging in a window, but also hung on a wall.



Olesya Voytsekhovskaya

Gold of Peonies

Mixed media



Let the bloom of peonies fill the room and gold to sparkle.



Olesya Voytsekhovskaya

Millions of Roses

Alcohol ink



A bunch of roses just for you.


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