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A popular challenge that was previously posted on the facebook group. This is a challenge for sculptors, however, everyone is urged to give it a go! Have you heard of ephemeral art? If you haven’t, check out Andy Goldsworthy. He creates on-site sculptures using the materials available to him in his surroundings. It’s inspiring and breathtaking to see him create using completely natural materials, and for the art to slowly deteriorate back to nature. Ephemeral art means temporary art. It’s art that is meant to be ‘destroyed’. This challenge is about the process of making art, it is not about buying or using the most expensive materials. With the lockdown, I thought it would be a wonderful idea for you to collect some materials on your daily walks, and make something using those. You could make the sculpture and leave it on-site, OR bring back the materials with you, make it at home, and put it back on a site of your preference. Remember to take photos! Tag @mava_collective on IG stories, and use #mavacollective so we can follow along with your ephemeral art journey!

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