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Vanessa Maver



Vanessa Maver Art

Exploring detail and light, Vanessa Maver draws inspiration from everyday life. Mixing abstract and still life, Vanessa’s artistic expression is always evolving. Over the years Vanessa has lived and travelled overseas but always finds her way back to Melbourne, Australia.

Painting for me really is an escape. A place where I can switch off from the outside world. I create art to capture the beauty of everyday life and hopefully bring joy to others.

I have always been creative, and over the last few years have completely immersed myself in painting and realised that this is my passion.

I am constantly exploring new ways of approaching my practice to gain more knowledge of my subjects and experience in my techniques and continue to grow and learn.

My inspiration comes from getting out into nature, and my obsession with interior design and that plays out in my work whether through subject matter in my still life pieces or colour palettes used in my abstract work.

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