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Susan Mercuri



Goanna Design

From a very young age, Susan has always been very observant. Fascinated by the colours and patterns of nature, especially the minute ones, like the subtle variances of colour and the tracery on the wings of a beetle or the body of a grasshopper.
Many holidays were spent on the Murray River banks, where a library of images, textures, colours and patterns were committed to her memory.
Inspiration has always come from nature, and numerous trips around Australia have given her a sound understanding of the bush's elements and colours.
Her mother, Lillian Ramadan, was a prolific China Painter, and it’s clear this is where the artistic talent and inspiration came from.
After very ordinary adolescence and education in Glen Waverley, pursuing hobbies such as dressmaking, drawing and sport, she studied Interior Design, Business and Graphic Design.
When her children had grown, she found a little more freedom to explore her art, although there was always the need to balance that with earning an income.
Her artistic creativity awakened when in 2018 she was asked to paint a surf scene in an outdoor shower. It became apparent how obvious the need to create art was to nourish her soul, the best kind of meditation.
2020 came, along with it a forced redundancy and the lockdown imposed on the state of Victoria. It challenged her to reassess life and the meaning of it.
The answer was not 42, but ART!
Armed with books, the internet and her emerging artist status she began to create oil paintings, learning how different colours reacted and blended with each other, brushstrokes, base materials, tools, drying times and all the other intricacies of painting. On a constant quest to learn more, she’s developing her own style; reflecting the natural world with a vision that all her artwork should fascinate the viewer and draw them into observing the beauty of the natural world through her eyes.

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