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Stephanie Ristovski



Steph specialises in abstract and Impressionism art. Steph uses bright and bold colours to tell stories through her artwork leaving much of the painting mysterious up to interpretation of the audience. Her detailed Impressionism is captured as a point of view of society that can’t be seen in the format presented in the painting. Steph creates her Impressionism paintings with acrylic contrary to her abstracts which employ the use of acrylic mixed with impasto textured medium. The use of impasto is designed to add a multi-dimensional element to the painting, providing another level of interaction between the painting and the audience. The elevation has been specifically placed in certain spots to add depth and character to the painting, applied with a palette knife. Steph’s main intention behind her paintings is to create a bondage between the audience and the painting with several of her paintings having major significance in the life of others therefore having a specialty created from her careful development and intricate use of colour formation.

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